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Since 2017 I've been sharing my intellectual path toward greater antiracism through the blog


I'm a dedicated reader, and I use Bmore Incremental as a place to share thoughts and insights about what I'm reading or what is going on in the world. I write from my specifically Jewish and Baltimore-based perspectives. 

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I'm so proud to be partnering with the incomparable April N. Baskin at Joyous Justice for this weekly podcast. Jews Talk Racial Justice is a podcast, a video series, and an invitation. 

April and I met when we collaborated on a program for my day job in the Spring of 2020. We were meeting weekly over Zoom to plan an event. Our conversations ranged far afield from the event we were planning, and a friendship was born.

Once the event was over, we both decided we wanted to keep talking. Then April had the idea of recording the conversations to share them with others, and Jews Talk Racial Justice was born. It really is recordings of our conversations, which means they are organic and unscripted.

Learn more or subscribe at 

In talking with my colleagues at the Baltimore Jewish Council, we realized what we really wanted for our community was a basic, accessible curriculum that would provide a set of shared resources and a baseline of concepts for our community to address racism within and beyond the Jewish community.


I looked around and simply didn't find the kind of program we were looking for, so I created it! 

With the help of DEI professional Yosef Webb-Cohen, I curated and facilitated 18 Days Exploring Racial Justice. Participants (nearly 550 in our pilot, October 2020) receive an email a day for 18 days. Each email links them to an article, video, or podcast and asks reflection questions.


The 18Days brings together Jewish and non-Jewish sources relating to race, racism, oppression, privilege, bias, antisemitism and more, and the sources build upon each other. As the program unfolds, participants get more and more opportunities to dig deep in their learning and unlearning. The 18 emails can be accompanied by live (Zoom) sessions where community members can interact with facilitators and each other. 

Learn more about the 18Days Program.

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Stay tuned for future projects

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